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Happy Father’s Day from JJP to all the men who are doing what’s right.

Dedication To Black Fathers
by Richard Rowe
The Leadership Circle
Baltimore, MD

To Black fathers who have tried to provide and protect.
Stay strong.
To Black fathers who continue to encourage and empower their children.
To Black fathers who love Black mothers.
Thank you.
To Black fathers who practice what they preach.
Set the example.
To Black fathers who reach out and reach back.
Continue to uplift.
To Black fathers who are honest and honorable.
Remember Martin King.
To Black fathers who are determined and disciplined.
Remember Malcolm.
To Black fathers who have not given up.
Remember Mandela.
To Black fathers who are courageous and demanding.
Remember Douglass.
To Black fathers who are systematic and work hard.
Remember DuBois.
For Black fathers who are self-determining.
Remember Booker T.
For Black fathers who have decided to win,
who have decided to fight back,
who don’t make excuses and
who promote and practice the essence of
black fatherhood/manhood/brotherhood…

Let’s continue to celebrate the power of our endurance.
Let’s continue to choose the right path.
Let’s remain strong and let’s keep the faith.


thank you, djchefron

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