We’ve said from the get-go that Roland Burris was tainted by his relationship with former Gov. Rod “Thuglife” Blagojevich. I initially took a lot of shizznit from some of y’all here at JJP for being unsupportive of the nation’s only black senator who took Obama’s former seat. Still, there’s no question now that Burris a) should never have been allowed to take that seat and b) must resign. I’d still really like to see a younger, emerging black leader from Illinois — the next Obama if you will or Deval Patrick even, take that Senate seat. The WaPo has an editorial that says it all — it’s short, sweet and simple. Let me fix you a plate and you can head here to read the rest:

WE DON’T know where to begin with the latest mess that has ensnared Sen. Roland W. Burris (D-Ill.). No, “ensnared” isn’t the right word. That would imply that he’s blameless for his troubles, which isn’t the case. Phone conversations taped by federal prosecutors that were released May 26 between Mr. Burris and the brother of then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich belie the senator’s repeated assertions that there was no quid pro quo for his appointment to the seat vacated by President Obama.

Robert Blagojevich called Mr. Burris on Nov. 13 to talk about raising money for the governor. But it was Mr. Burris who started the conversation by saying, “I, I know you’re calling telling me that you’re gonna make me king of the world . . . .” Throughout the conversation, Mr. Burris was very concerned about the appearance of his raising money for Mr. Blagojevich’s reelection while seeking to be considered for the Senate seat. Yet, that didn’t stop him from trying to figure out ways to get around it.

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