A friend forwarded this to me from the Democratic National Committee AKA Democratic Party HQ. I think it’s cool. Almost heartwarming. If you’d like to know more about the disturbing history of  Juneteenth AKA America’s largest conspiracy (slaves in TX were informed rather belatedly that they were btw emancipated), you can check out the Wikipedia entry or this site. If you’ve got other links to recommend, please add them to the comments along with telling us how you celebrated Juneteenth. I celebrated by coming to the Blogging While Brown conference. I met Patrice of Afrobella and Angel of Concrete Loop – 2 of the hottest black blogs out there – at the reception tonight — Having a blast! Right now there’s a raucous spades tournament on. More later.

Washington, DCDNC Chairman Tim Kaine and DNC Black Caucus Chair Virgie M. Rollins issued the following statement commemorating Juneteenth:

“On this day in 1865, emancipation finally made it west, freeing the last slaves in Texas. So today, we commemorate the end of slavery in America and honor all those throughout our history who have fought for freedom, equality and justice by celebrating Juneteenth.

“As we take time to honor this occasion, we also stop to consider the remarkable path African Americans have forged, from slavery to the White House. With the first African American President of the United States, we usher in an era of endless opportunity. A new generation of Americans will be raised with no limits to their dreams – something their predecessors, who fought for equality as slaves in the fields of Texas and Freedom Riders in the streets of Alabama, may have never been able to imagine.

“But while we have come a long way, we still have further to go. We at the DNC join President Obama and the African American community in the fight to ensure equality in education, employment, and health care for all Americans.”


This is welcomed, fo sho. Would have been nice if the White House had sent out a similar statement. If one was sent out, we didn’t receive it and they’re mighty good about sending us all kinds of other email. (hint hint)

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