Hey everyone, this is B-Serious here with some SERIOUS business to take care of . . . I’m talkin’ ’bout the NBA Finals! You know me – GO LAKERS!

First, let me thank Rikyrah for letting me borrow the evening thread on game nights. FYI, I’ll be dedicating this thread to the Finals every game night until we crown a new champion.

The same rules apply for the evening open thread. As Rikyrah always says:

Drop those links. Engage in debate. Give us trivia and gossip too.

And I’ll add: Sit back and enjoy the NBA Finals! Coverage starts tonight at 8:30(Eastern)/5:30(Pacific) on ABC.

So where do we start? First things first . . . I made it absolutely clear from the beginning. I am a diehard LAKERS fan! Lakeshow all the way, baby! Laker fans, REPRESENT! As for the rest . . . I see you, hater. (LOL!)

So, I flip over to TNT last Saturday to catch the end of the Cavs-Magic game. Expecting to see a game 7, I was surprised to hear a familiar chant . . .


And to think, they wasted all of that money on those Kobe/Lebron puppet ads (smh). I must say, as a Laker fan, that chant is like a badge of honor. So congrats to the Magic. You put a beat down on Lebron and his Cavaliers. You knocked off the defending champion, Boston Celtics, on their homecourt. And your supporting cast ran the Sixers out of the gym without Dwight Howard a.k.a “Superman.” Very impressive.

So, no. I will not underestimate the Orlando Magic. Dwight Howard is a monster in the paint. Rashard Lewis is killer from outside. And Hedo Turkoglu a.k.a. “The Turkish Jordan” (as he’s referred to on TNT) is playing out of his mind. And anyone who watched that series with Clevaland knows that a 20 point lead isn’t safe once Orlando starts hitting those threes.

But we’ve got Kobe Bryant a.k.a. “the Black Mamba” and he’s been waiting for this moment ever since he walked off that court in Boston one year ago. We’ve got Pau Gasol working the high post. We’ve got Trevor Ariza stealing inbounds passes and posterizing his opponents. We’ve got a young center named Bynum and an X-factor named Lamar Odom. And if that weren’t enough, we’ve got the Zen Master, Phil Jackson, polishing his nine championship rings as an NBA coach, looking for his tenth.

So take heart Laker fans. They called us soft last year. But, this year they’ll call us NBA Champions.

Lakers in 6
Finals MVP: Kobe Bryant

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