It’s a 2-1 Lakers series.

Orlando shot the lights out Tuesday to win Game 2. Mickael Pietrus and Rashard Lewis came up big-time down the stretch. Kobe . . . um, not so much (you can’t always split that double-team, Kobe). But he doesn’t get all the blame. If it weren’t for his hot streak in the first quarter, the Lakers might’ve lost by 20. Personally, I think L.A. should focus on its perimeter defense. Stay on the shooters and do NOT double-team Howard in the post. Let Howard have a big game . . . just don’t give those three-point shooters so many open looks. Laker only need to take one game in Orlando to get a strangle-hold on this series. I’d like to see them get it tonight. Go Lakers!

Coverage begins at 8:30(Eastern)/5:30(Pacific) on ABC.

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