UPDATE: Here’s a comment from zackboston that I thought everyone should see:

oh very very very silly. but i forwarded it onto the youth in our learn 2 teach, teach 2 learn program who teach an mit media lab music composition software called hyperscore. most of the youth want to use it to make beats for their own songs. we try to get boston youth into science, technology, engineering and math. so maybe this vid will make them laugh and imagine how rap and science can intersect in surprising ways. so thanks jill/cheryl!

Hi there — I thought you might find this funny. I know it’s a bit silly. We’ve been hosting a lot of old school music in the Open Threads this month, so here’s something fresh. I’m a big Talib Kweli fan, as you know. And Quincy, well, he’s just classic here.

Buzz Aldrin is an astronaut, a hero, and a hip hop legend. He hits the studio with Snoop Dogg and Talib Kweli to record his latest track, Rocket Experience. Quincy Jones and Soulja Boy also weigh in on Buzz’s lyrical genius and impact on the music world.

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