From B-Serious:

President Obama should be afforded the same blessing and/or curse that every President faces each election cycle. When a president runs for reelection he’s judged by one clear standard . . .

“Are you better off today than you were four years ago?”

That seems fair to me. I know people don’t want to hear things like, “he’s only been in office for ___ months.” Too bad it carries the burden of being true. If we elect a man for 4 years, it’s with the understanding that he should act upon his promises at SOME point during that four year period. It’s a lot of work . . . that’s why we give him four years four years to do it. Presidents have triumphs and setbacks . . . that’s why we give them four years. Constituents can be in full support one day and royally pissed the next . . . that’s why we give the president four years. He will have ample time to make mistakes and make up for said mistakes . . . that’s why he get’s four years.

The manner and order by which campaign promises are kept (or ultimately foresaken) depends on political strategy, personal ambition and style of leadership.

That’s the gamble we take . . .

We, the voters, gamble that the president will keep his/her word. . .

The president, in turn, gambles on the strategy he or she takes to get from points A to B.

Sometimes we misjudge our president. Other times, the president misjudges his strategy. Still, sometimes we get it right. More often than not, we find a happy medium (dissapointed on some things, pleased with others).

But, whatever the case, we come together every four years and ask the same question . . . “Are we better off today than we were four years ago?”

If the answer’s “yes” . . . hello second term.

If the answer’s “no” we ask the follow up question . . . “Is the other person any better?”

I know it’s not cool to say it, but (GASP) I still like Obama. Far from perfect, but better than most. Disagree with him on some things; but am satisfied on others. I know . . . I know . . . the talking heads would have you believe he’s an anti-semetic, homophobic, self-hating, uppity negro mysoginist. Damn! Gays don’t like him. Jews don’t trust him. Conservatives hate him. Liberals cry betrayal. Bill Maher on one side, Rush Limbaugh on the other.

“He’s doing too much.”

“He’s doing too little.”

“He’s a socialist”

“He’s a corporate shill.”


Here’s a hint . . . there will NEVER be a time when everyone agrees. So why waste your time, energy and (dare I say) sanity listening to the talking heads (whether they be tv pundits, bloggers, radio hosts or columnists). THINK FOR YOURSELF!

Personally, I can’t say the President has “betrayed” anyone, “thrown (insert group) under the bus” or engage in any other form of hyperbolic (yet all too familiar) rhetoric. Some say he hasn’t done his job? Others (myself included) say he hasn’t finished the job. The former declares the situation hopeless while the latter acknowledges the fact that, win or lose, there’s still time to make good on the promise.

It’s a matter of perspective, but my vote back in November came with an understanding that Obama would get four years (at least 2 years given the midterm elections) to make good on his promises. It came with the understanding that he would succeed and fail over the course of this time period. And it came with the hope that we’d be better off four years from now than we are today. Four years . . . not four months.

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