I give the floor to Booman of Booman Tribune:

Enough of Harry Reid
by BooMan
Wed May 20th, 2009 at 12:46:49 AM EST

On the whole, I’ve been a defender of Majority Leader Harry Reid. I believe he is often unjustly criticized for decisions that are made not by him, but by a few centrist members of the Democratic Caucus. A Majority Leader can suggest a direction for the caucus but he can’t make senators go where they are unwilling to go. And, once it is clear that the caucus will not support something, it is up to Reid to put the best face on it to the base of the party. This often results in Harry Reid insulting our intelligence by telling us that dogshit smells and tastes just great. Consequently, Reid winds up taking a lot of heat that would be more equitably directed at unnamed senators who are the real obstacles to progressive change. I still believe this, but I can’t defend him anymore. He’s a yellow-bellied coward who I am ashamed to associate with as a co-member of the Democratic Party.
Oh, I know that this time is no different. If it weren’t for cowards within his caucus refusing to provide funding for the closing of Guantanamo Bay, Reid wouldn’t have had to give us the dogshit spiel. But he went further than usual. He didn’t just whip out his cock, piss on our legs, and tell us that it’s raining. He cut tail and ran. In the Army, they shoot people for that. It’s called fucking ‘desertion’ and it puts your comrades at needless risk.

The President ran a campaign in which he promised repeatedly to close Guantanamo Bay and to treat the people there within traditional American practices of jurisprudence. He got no argument on that score from Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Bill Richardson, Dennis Kucinich, or anyone else. But now that the Republicans are trying to frighten people about our ability to keep potentially violent criminals behind bars in this country of a bazillion prisons, Harry Reid is playing a different tune. Now he’s a coward.

Let me tell you something. This country doesn’t need Harry Reid in Congress. We’ll do just fine without him. We need him to show courage and help the president do what he promised to do. If he loses his seat as a result, so fucking what? That’s what they call a Profile in Courage. There will be no new chapters dedicated to Harry Reid in the next edition of that book. He’s a complete turncoat and an absolutely gutless fool.

And let me tell you why this upsets me so much. For my entire life the Republicans have made a political living by arguing that the Democrats don’t have what it takes to protect American interests and American security. I always thought they were full of shit. But the Democrats in the Senate are proving the Republicans right, and me wrong. Any organization that is afraid to house Gitmo prisoners in super-maximum security prisons within the United States (for real or political reasons) is too yellow-bellied to protect the United States. If this is all the guts the Democrats have, they should be voted out of power and the Republicans should be re-entrusted with our national security. At least with them, you know that they will fight.

The idea that a proud and confident party would shrink from backing their own president on a matter of such profound national consequence because of the illogical and ridiculous fearmongering arguments being advanced by the Republicans is so far beneath my contempt that I cannot stomach it.

Harry Reid is dead to me.

I feel ya, Booman.

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