Homegirl carrying 66 pretty good while waiting to drop those twins….

To the JJP Family:  sorry I disappeared.  I was dealing with a whole lotta shyt going on a personal level, followed by both the boss and semester with instructor from HELL!  While I passed my classes (barely) and managed to hang on to a solid B+ average despite receiving TWO C’s (one I didn’t deserve, and I’m pissed).

So, like a whipped dog, I return home, not knowing what I’d blog about, since the television and the ‘Net have been basically absent from my house (the economy is a MoFo and I don’t know by this time next week if I’ll still have a job because the project’s almost over until the Fall).

And then, I hit Yahoo and see this:

Elizabeth Adeney will soon become the oldest woman ever to give birth in the UK; she is 66 years old.  Adney will replace the previous record holder Patricia Rashbrook who gave birth in 2006 at the age of 62 (almost 63).  Patricia Rashbrook is happy to give up her Oldest Woman to give Birth in the UK title to Elizabeth Adney; she is Adeney’s attending physician.  

Then again, the American version of homegirl showed up on Good Morning America and gave her two cents’ about it.

Being a woman in my fabulous 40s, I kinda have mixed feelings about this.  On one hand, I think if ol’ girl wants to drop a couple of crumbsnatchers; she’s in good shape and feels ready to deal with parenthood, it’s her business.

Then again, will she live long enough to see her children to adulthood?  And it also appears that there is a contest for who can be the oldest woman to give birth.

All I can say is “DAYUM!”  Personally, I feel I’m too damned old to consider getting pregnant at my age, so I’ve made my peace with the possibility of no children.  I have enough nieces, nephews and a couple of godchildren to leave my shyt (such as it is) in a will.

But, a lot of people world wide got their knickers in a twist about this – the ethics and morals of a woman over 50 having children.  Responses range from “miraculouss” to “breathtakingly selfish!”

You can look forward to me getting back in the saddle and enjoying my summer with the family, but you didn’t think I’d make my return easy, did you?  Let’s discuss…and see if I should rethink my position on whether or not I should still be considering having children as I advance in age…or if you, as a woman, are facing a similar dilemma?

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