In the clip above, John King on CNN says:

“Some are saying that she is not an intellectual firebrand, someone who could compete with Antonin Scalia or Justice Alito, the conservative brains, if you will, on the Supreme Court.”

Some“? Who are these some? CNN sadly goes on to say in another article:

But she has suffered through recent stinging criticism in the media and blogs from both the left and right over perceived — some defenders say invented — concerns about her temperament and intellect.

Double eye-roll — look, Girlfriend graduated summa cum laude from Princeton, has Phi Beta Kappa on her rez, and was editor of the Yale Law Journal just like President Obama. Wanna bet the guy impugning her credz couldn’t compete himself? No one gives you summa cum laude — you earn it. She’s plenty smart enough for the likes of Scalia & Alito. Folks need to leave Sotomayor alone — she may look sweet, but you don’t get out of the South Bronx and through Princeton and Yale Law without being tougher & smarter than any of the usual talking heads can possibly imagine. OK?

Those who question Sotomayor’s intellectualism in the face of her overwhelming intellectual achievements and who wonder if she’s tough enough to take on a couple of smart white guys are exhibiting racism, sexism — or both. Like she ain’t had to smack down countless Scalias & Alitos before on the way up. By now, she can eat a Scalia for breakfast and snack on an Alito for lunch.

Bitchez, please.

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