Hat tip JJP readers.

Seems as if it will be Sonia Sotomayor for The Supreme Court.

Announcement at 10:15 am EST.

From Ta-Nehisi Coates:

Sotamayor To The Supreme Court
26 May 2009 09:39 am

If Obama gets his way. I’ll have more thoughts on this later. But one thing that’s clear to me, is that this notion that Obama won’t fight, really doesn’t hold up. He sometimes doesn’t fight for things that we want him to fight for. But he isn’t afraid. I don’t know if it’s because of that Rosen piece, or what, but my initial impression is that this is very good fight to engage–politically and otherwise.

Back to that first point, Obama is tactical as always–I just don’t think Jeff Sessions, with his history, really wants it with a Puerto-Rican woman who worked her way up from the projects and went on to be summa cum laude at Princeton, and went on to Yale Law. Not to mention you have the first Latina Supreme Court judge, appointed by the first black president. Just on the crass politics, it ain’t a good look.

Maybe, I’ll feel differently after I think on it. But that’s my initial thought.

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