Ok he didn’t actually say that. But he ain’t too far off:


LIMBAUGH: As the economy performs worse than expected, the deficit for the 2010 budget year beginning in October will worsen by $87 billion to $1.3 trillion. The deterioration reflects lower tax revenues and higher costs for bank failures, unemployment benefits and food stamps. But in the Oval Office of the White House none of this is a problem. This is the objective. The objective is unemployment. The objective is more food stamp benefits. The objective is more unemployment benefits. The objective is an expanding welfare state. And the objective is to take the nation’s wealth and return to it to the nation’s quote, “rightful owners.” Think reparations. Think forced reparations here if you want to understand what actually is going on.

According to ThinkProgress, Racist Rush was endorsing a Republican party leader, NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions’ (R-TX) and his claim that President Obama is intentionally trying to “‘diminish employment and diminish stock prices‘ as part of a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy to consolidate power.” Right…

So let’s get this straight, HNIC Barack Obama, despite all of his stimulus and job growth activities and the fact that the stock market has stabilized, is really intent on transforming America into a one big ghetto filled with chicken joints, liquor stores and welfare check cashing storefronts. Apparently, you should just quit yo job right now and wait for the big checks that Brother Obama is about to pay all black people. In the immortal words of Dave Chappelle, “I’m Rich Biatch!” Honk Honk! Congratulations, Niggaz, you done just won the Obama Reparations Lottery!

Is that what white supremacists really think that black people actually want? No, we want good educations and good jobs and nice houses just like everyone else in America. We want the same American dream as everyone else.

As Library Grape says:

There is no nuance to this. Rush Limbaugh is stirring up images in his listeners’ minds of a scary, insidious Negro President who is out to steal white folks’ money and give it to his darkie supporters. I guess cheering on “Barack the Magic Negro” and calling Obama a “Halfrican America” wasn’t enough for him…

It just doesn’t pass the logic test and so this goes beyond dogwhistling. It’s akin to declaring war on the black and brown under the supposition that we want to take whitey’s money rather than work together towards prosperity & opportunity for all Americans. It’s fear-mongering and hate-peddling for insidious purposes. It creates an us vs them paradigm that does not exist. Obama’s done a great job of showing us all that we’re in this economy together.

Sure, reparations for slavery and institutionalized racism that benefited a few at the expense of many would be great. Japanese-Americans received reparations for World War II discrimination (some at least). Why not us for Jim Crow? Yet, no black person thinks that would ever amount to more a few thousand dollars per person for realz. IF it ever happened. We dream the same American Dream as everyone else and have sought relentlessly only to pull down the special barriers created historically from reaching it.

This is scandalous and puts the GOP further in the camp of wild-eyed, old-fashioned white supremacists. In fact, it seems clear that this is a chief messaging strategy being put out by Republican leadership — let’s hold our noses & round up all the mouth-breathing racists in order to shore up a depleting base. Sort of like the pro-lifer care & feeding strategy, maybe?

I’d like to hear more Republicans and Democrats speaking out against this inflammatory talk. Nothing Wanda Sykes said came even close to the insults of hate merchant Racist Rush.

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