h/t nezua for putting us on to this new organization

from the About Us page.

Presente.org exists to advance the interests and promote the political empowerment of Latino communities with the support of our allies. Latinos are an undeniable force in the economy and culture of the United States, and our growing numbers make us an increasingly powerful voting bloc. But despite our contributions and influence, our political voice remains marginalized. Politicians get away with neglecting our interests and exploiting the differences within our communities. Media personalities scapegoat us without consequences. And while the government raids the workplaces and even homes of recent immigrants, a blind-eye is turned to exploitative business practices that endanger the health and humanity of our people. The time for change has come.

Since 2006, millions of us have taken to the streets in over 100 U.S. cities to call for immigration reform. But while our numbers can’t be ignored, we have not sustained the energy of these marches. This year, together, we create Presente.org to ensure that our momentum carries forward to clearly and effectively further our collective interests. We’ll combine the power of online organizing with grassroots networks to build a broad, empowered base that can be rapidly and consistently mobilized from this day forward.

If you’re Latino, Afro-Latino or just down with political activism on issues of importance to these communities, sign up at presente.org.

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