It’s hard enough being an African-American in America.  Even with a brotha occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  But you would think those engaging in criminal activity would leave us the hell out of it, instead of blaming us in trying to cover it up.  Peep this, and get pissed or get your laugh on; though in all honesty, there’s nothing funny about manhours, time, expenses and resources being expended for a HOAX:

PHILADELPHIA – Philadelphia news outlets are reporting a suburban mother who claimed she and her 9-year-old daughter had been abducted were spotted on video surveillance at Philadelphia International Airport boarding a plane to Florida.

The Philadelphia Inquirer and WPVI-TV, citing unidentified sources, report Wednesday that 38-year-old Bonnie Sweeten, and her daughter Julia Rakoczy, were shown boarding a plane to Tampa on Tuesday afternoon.

I don’t give two shyts what excuses this heifer uses when they catch her ass.  And she obviously didn’t learn jack from Susan Smith or Jennifer Wilbanks when they tried the “Black Man Attacked/Kidnapped/Killed My Children” excuses and inflamed racial tensions to the nth degree.  I am not going to be happy with any “tearful, heartfelt” apologies done on Oprah, either.

First, they must PAY.  In dollars and in JAIL TIME.

Second, they should be made to wear a “Scarlett Letter” like Hester Prynne did in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic about a woman cheating on her husband with the village Pastor in the 17th Century.  A big, red “L” for “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” will do nicely.  An “R” for “Racist, Lyin Ass Bitch” fits perfectly.

To all the women thinking about trying this shyt, please remember this:

1.  Pookie, Earl, Biscuit and Skillet don’t have any time to be kidnapping you, your kids or anyone else.  That requires Ph.D level planning and even the best of those have GOTTEN CAUGHT.

2.   If you want to be branded a a bigoted bitch, see the paragraphs above.

3.  When you cause the MAN to waste time, money and resources going after brothas he won’t be able to do a “Rodney King” in legit fashion, he will not have any mercy on your ass.  In fact, he will do everything he can to fling you under the jail until Paris Hilton becomes a grandmother.

This is happening too frequently for it to be coincidence, and I’m tired of this shyt.

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