Dyson was my Professor at Columbia. He taught our Hip Hop class. He was just as long winded in class as he is on television. Unlike Dyson, I am as squarely in Barack Obama’s corner as I was in the primaries and the general election.
I don’t understand how some black people think that Barack Obama can turn around the damages of 400 years of slavery, Jim Crow and racism have done in just 4 months. Obama is the President of the U.S.A. not the Black community. The actions he has taken, attempting to stop the discrepancy in crack vs. coke sentencing, giving money to Americorps and Teach for America will all have a great impact on the life of African Americans. Obama is here to get the country back on track not just the Black community specifically. Obama can not stop poverty, black on black crime, and inferior education system by himself. All Americans must realize that these aren’t Black problems but an American problem that all Americans need to fight against, not just one President or one group.

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