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I have to admit that it was disturbing that this clip showed lots of older black men, including DC’s Former Mayor-for-Life Marion Barry, proclaiming that recognizing out-of-state gay marriages in Washington DC is the apocalypse come. Well, it ain’t. I found John Stewart’s rip on DC’s infamous crack-smoking & whoring former mayor, who loudly proclaimed his “morality” in recently voting no on gay marriage to all that would hear, humorous. Yet it’s a fact that Barry was the lone vote on the DC Council that voted no — a council that remains majority black. The clip makes black folks look backward and bigoted — none of the pro-gay marriage council members are shown in the clip or have received much attention. There are 7 black members of the DC Council out of 13, including the Chairman, Vincent Gray.

It’s an unfair criticism & characterization of our community. Sure, gay marriage is a controversial topic — but no more among us than among the general population. Personally, I think the vote is a great step forward for equal rights for all citizens. Still, the clip is funny becuz well, having grown up in DC during the Barry years, I’m all for making fun of him in the interest of ensuring that Marion’s future ability to be an un-credit to the race is as limited as possible.

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