Sorry I just got the video a bit earlier today My co-panelists on the noon Blogger Bunch on CNN were Gina Cooper of and Erick Erickson of We had a lively discussion on whether or not can or should do something (other than their current cooperation with law officials and prohibiting prostitution on their sites) about erotic postings in the wake of the latest serial killer and pressure from law enforcement. We actually all agreed for once — check it out!

We also talked about a case where some folks who were left comments in a private, password-protected setting on non-work computers about their employers on MySpace were fired. I said it felt all Big Brother to me and probably violates the 1st Amendment (Freedom of Assembly). You can watch the clip they sent me to prep (it’s also in the segment below. Anyway, super-interesting topics. Much thanks to for having me on the show. The presenters do a great job with blogger wrangling which is definitely not easy. Next time, I will try to give you some notice when I’m on so you can join the conversation with me.

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