I’ve been asking from the moment the Sotomayor nomination hit..

Where are the Latino Commentators on TV? Especially those that wear that GOP hat? Where were they hiding?

well, hat tip:lamh32

Here’s why there are no Hispanic GOP strategist on our televison screens ya’ll. Unlike the black conservatives, they don’t plan to kick their own people (even if they are on the opposite side) in the back.


From HuffingtonPost.com:

GOP Hispanic Strategists Stunned, Outraged By Sotomayor Attacks
First Posted: 05-29-09 05:23 PM | Updated: 05-29-09 05:33 PM

Top-ranking Republican strategists who specialize in Hispanic outreach say they are outraged, disturbed and concerned by the type of reception Barack Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court has received from conservative activists.

In the days since the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, several prominent conservative voices have leveled unusually blunt attacks at her resume. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and radio host Rush Limbaugh both insisted that the court of appeals judge was a racist for saying that her Hispanic background allowed her to come to better judicial decisions. Former Congressman Tom Tancredo, on Friday, called Sotomayor a member of the “Latino KKK.”

The rhetoric has been enough to make Republican strategists in heavily Latino states cringe — concerned that such slights could cement Democrats advantages among a growing and increasingly influential political constituency.

“Of course this disturbs me,” said Lionel Sosa, one of the more influential Hispanic media advisers in the GOP. “I’m not surprised at Rush Limbaugh but I’m very surprised at Speaker Gingrich because he is one of the key people who knows the importance of the Latino vote to the Republican Party. He must realize how his rhetoric, if it does influence any Hispanics, how damaging it could be. This [confirmation] is something that is going to happen anyway. For a senator to have strong opposition to her, they are either not aware of the impact Latinos will have on the next election or they don’t care.”

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I had to admit, I thought that might be the reason. Could you imagine being put on tv, someone showing the clip of a Tancredo or Limbaugh, and then, you’re expected, because you’re a Latino, to defend THAT and cast aspersions at an obviously qualified Latino candidate, just because she was nominated by a Democratic President.

Now, see, our Slave Catching Coons wouldn’t blink twice about being shoved out there to defend the complete and utterly racist remarks of Limbaugh, Tancredo, Libby, et al. Need an example, how about our favorite Cross-Eyed Slave Catcher- he never misses a chance to defend his Overlords and their racist remarks.

Though someone in the comments made a good point: where ARE our Slave Catchers? They are nowhere to be found. Why aren’t they speaking up? Or, are their mouths only open when it comes to tearing down someone Black?

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