Check out this hilarious video that you can customize and send to your mother to give her the “Mother of the Year” award. You just put in her name and she’s in the national news with Barack Obama, Beyonce and Brangelina recognizing her greatness.  Over 3 million videos have been sent so far to moms around the country.

Here’s a demo below with name “Jane Doe”. Make your own video here with a name you choose (you can send up to 10 at a time). It’s a free gift for your mother that should make her laugh. Send it to all the moms in your life. I got lots of love back when I sent custom videos to my aunts and cousins who are moms. If you’ve got a big fam like me, it’s an easy & warm way to tip a nod en masse.

Please note: This video is brought to you by MomsRising which is bringing parents, policymakers and businesses together for a more family-friendly America. They are one of my clients. But they didn’t ask me to post this. I just think it’s cool. Happy Mother’s Day!

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