via Los Angelista who hit us up via Twitter

I began thinking how nice it was that everybody and their mama wanted to go to see Slumdog, a film essentially about the ripple effects of oppression in India. But I wondered if a story about African-American experiences, the real oppression that black people go through, the heartaches, tragedies and ultimate victories, would be just as popular. I wondered why more movies telling the reality of life for many black folks in this country, and how institutionalized injustice keeps a status quo in place right here in our own backyard, weren’t being made.

And, just when I’d pessimistically concluded that Hollywood, and the majority of this nation, was not truly interested in truthful, essentially American stories, the trailer for American Violet began playing.

Here’s the trailer:

Head over to Los Angelista for her full review including her report from the premiere and post-screening talk with the directors. This is an important film, and I’m betting if you dig JJP, you’ll want to see this.

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