After a weekend that saw President Obama play action hero — resolving a stand-off with pirates, delivering a puppy to his daughters, and making time for Easter services — we chatted with ABC’s Ann Compton and political comedian Baratunde Thurston about the optics of the presidency today on’s “Top Line.” 

So I’ve been back in the country barely one week, and already I’m being asked to comment on the President’s Puppy Situation :) Well, a bit more than that. Anyway, here’s the segment from my Noon ET appearance on Top Line, a show distributed at and several cable and mobile phone operators.

The snippet above links to a blog post with a writeup and links to the full show. My segment can be found directly here:

From including LGBT families in the Easter Egg Roll ( to committing to Iraq troop withdrawal by the end of 2011 to stopping pirates, it’s been a good weekend for the President. Maybe it’s competence, which we’re sadly not accustomed to. Maybe it’s luck. Whatever it is, the country needs it

Oh, and for the record, I don’t sanction the use of the term “optics” unless someone is referring to the behavior and properties of light.

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