I was listening to Dr. Michael Fauntroy on the local Black talk radio station, when a caller asked if The United States was going to send a delegation to the United Nations Conference on Racism. Dr. Fauntroy said that there were no plans to send a delegation to the conference at this time. Then, Dr. Fauntroy said something that I hadn’t known :

A delegation from the Congressional Black Caucus was going to go, and they have been ORDERED

FUCKING ORDERED not to go by Nancy Pelosi.



Some bogus ass pretense of an ‘ important vote’. Fuck that. I don’t believe that bogus excuse and neither do you.

We aren’t going because of our 51st State, because they were critical of Israel-That Zionism is racism. Israel doesn’t want the language in there, then they shouldn’t have left the table in Durbin. But, you did, and they issued it, so if you disagree, come to the table and discuss things.

Our slavish devotion to being the minion of our 51st state does not serve this country well, in the least. I’m tired of AIPAC running American foreign policy.

It is patently absurd that the United States will not be at the U.N. Conference on Racism for a SECOND TIME.

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