President Obama to Lift Restrictions on Cuba
April 13, 2009 12:29 PM

ABC News’ Jake Tapper and Sunlen Miller report:

At today’s daily White House briefing, White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs will announce that the administration will lift travel, remittance, mail and business restrictions relating to the Communist nation of Cuba.

The changes will allow unlimited visits to family members on the island as well as unlimited remittances — the cash recent immigrants to the U.S. send to relatives back home. President Bush imposed stricter restrictions on both in 2004.

“As hard as we search, we can’t find anyone who thinks the limitations Bush put on family travel and family remittances in 2004 were a good idea,” a senior administration official tells ABC News.

The Obama administration will also take steps to enhance the flow of information by allowing U.S. telecommunications networks to link the U.S. and Cuba; and will allow an expansion of humanitarian items that can be sent to the island (including clothing, personal hygiene items and fishing equipment). It will remain illegal to send items to senior government officials and members of the Communist Party.
“These steps are being taken in support of the Cuban people’s desire to freely determine their own future and to open up the space needed to see democratic progress in Cuba,” says a White House official.

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Time to go all the way. Lift the embargo. Period. It’s time to turn a new chapter in Cuba. The President won in Florida in 2008. He would have won in 2008 WITHOUT Cuba.

Lift the embargo.

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