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But I may have miscalculated Obama, and apparently, so did the progressives and the MSM. The MSM called it an “about-face,” but I believe Obama was thinking about all this until the very last moment, leaving criminal investigations and prosecutions up to Holder.

And talk about sweating people out for the last few days–the pundit onslaught has been merciless. Because it means that not only John Yoo, Steven Bradbury, and Jay Bybee who wrote these memos could face prosecution, but that Cheney, Ashcroft, Rice, Rumsfeld, Gonzales and their people who were involved in clandestine discussions and creating policy about the use of torture could be brought up on charges and face judgment.

Frankly, some progressives have been insisting on a kind of truth and reconciliation committee–just like in South Africa–that would lay out once and for all the sins of the previous administration, but it would mean that no one would face jail or disbarment. I don’t think people are ready for even that prospect yet.

An interesting read on the developments in tortureland. One thing I’m definitely learning is that it’s too soon to pass absolute judgment on President Obama’s techniques. Whether we’re talking about treatment of black farmers, response to illegal torture acts or something else.

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