People in the UK are all a-twitter that Michelle Obama, the Queen of Keeping It Real, actually touched the Queen. Apparently, uh, one does not get physical. African-American = getting physical. We’re huggers. It’s true. Doesn’t really matter who you are. However, it does appear that the Queen got cozy with Michelle first, making it perhaps more ok. In the photo on the right, the Queen looks almost like she’s going for an ass-grab. From the Telegraph UK (emphasis mine):

The First Lady had only met the Queen for the first time earlier on Wednesday as she joined her husband Barack Obama to exchange gifts with the royals.

However, within hours the 45-year-old appeared to have struck up a close friendship with the Queen and even embraced her before leaving an evening function for world leaders.

The move is a departure from what is considered appropriate protocol when meeting the Queen.

Mrs Obama had curtsied to the Queen when she and her husband met her and the Duke of Edinburgh in the royal’s private apartments. 

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