Saw this on Rachel Maddow. Considering he’s been a dependable 4 in most 5-4 decisions on ‘liberal’ issues, I guess replacing him with someone younger would be a positive.

Bank on this: the next Justice of the Supreme Court will be a Latino.


Myth has been very passionate about this subject, and I can’t fault her reasoning:

Craig told me to stop talking about it until there was a vacancy, well its time. Obama pay up to black women, whom he owes most. Its time for a Supreme Court Queen….
African Americans have NO representation on the US Supreme Court. Period. It’s time to cash in our election chips and demand that Obama acknowledge the AA community and this impact on his election. The Hispanic community will just have to wait their turn. (Don’t even mention Unca Clarence cause he is not black).

Can’t argue with that.

So, if you think it should be A Black Woman….who are some possibilities?

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