Update Friday 4:46pm ET

Here’s the video!

I couldn’t see any of the other participates so hope that didn’t come across as weird. What did come across to me as weird is that we’re having a big debate about whether people involved in violating domestic and international law should be prosecuted. I tried many different angles during this segment in an attempt to highlight the absurd notion that we should only look forward. I hope one of them stuck. Always appreciate any feedback. I’ll be back on CNN.com/live Monday at 12:10pm ET. Topic TBD

Oh and thanks to Huffington Post for letting me use their office space for the webcast.

Original post
Jill and I have both done these CNN live webcam blogger chats before, and tomorrow I’ll be repping JJP. We’re still trying to figure out what topics to discuss, and I’d love any ideas/links from our famed Jack & Jill Politics community. Yes, yall are famed! Hit me up in the comments with topics you think are a big deal (or should be) in the world of U.S. politics.

Thanks fam.

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