BBC World Have Your Say is a hugely popular radio program with an international audience of over 30 million people. Host Ros Atkins is someone I’ve increasingly come to admire greatly for his fast-thinking, penetrating intellect, modern fluidity with audience communications yet approachable demeanor. He runs his radio show like it’s a blog. I’d keep an eye on that guy cuz WHYS is off the hook, instant and dangerous. It’s the future of the media in terms of being a co-created show led by a strong personality/cat herder/community manager. Last night, BBC WHYS had a live TV special on BBC News on the the G20 and they invited two bloggers from — Daudi Were of, an extremely well-read blog in Kenya (sort of the JJP there) — and myself along with many of other guests 

Here, you can watch/listen to my commentary on being downtown near the protests in London at the G20 speaking with Ros. I did several interviews yesterday and will post as many as I can to give you a sense of whassup here in London. Thanks to the BBC for having me on. BBC WHYS makes for one hot lil podcast, I tell you what.

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