Hi there — I’m working with the fine folks at BBC World Have Your Say which is this incredibly interactive and co-created program on BBC Worldwide (using email, blog, phone, twitter, radio etc) to give some on-the-scene perspective. Unfortunately we never got the webcam to work (note to BBC — use Skype!) but I will be phoning in from downtown London to the TV special. 

Urgent news on the protest front. Apparently the protestors have run out of tea. From twitter:

@we20: RT @MadameButcher: G20 protestors have run out of teabags. They would like some more.

Major crisis. Only the British. Alert the media!

At any rate: check out WHYS video about getting ready for the G20 and tune in today either on air (in US, try BBC America on cable/dish?) or online here (there’ll be a live stream on TV). I’m sitting next to Sam Graham-Felsen who blogged for the Obama campaign and who is awesome and he just did an interview with me turning my flipcam on myself. When the vid is available, I’ll post it here.

In short: WHYS on BBC World News television: Watch live at 1530GMT. We’ll link to a live stream here. Radio programme starts at 18:00 UK time for African and 19:00 for the rest of the world. (Reaches over 30 million people worldwide!)

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