So I was just minding my business trying to purchase a video on demand from, the website that sells everything. After complaining about the inability to rent the movie using my iPod touch (it requires Flash to order), twitter friend @meredithmo ( linked me to a post on about how Amazon was de-ranking a lot of homosexuality-themed literature.

The image above shows the top five search results for “homosexuality” now on after this company’s little hate-based stunt.

Coincidentally, I’ve just returned from shooting a video parodying the dumbass “A Storm Is Gathering” anti-gay ad (release tomorrow) and really have extra low tolerance for bigoted bullshit on the night of Jesus’s big day. Amazon is demoting young adult fiction, parenting guides and more all while maintaining its endorsement of truly dangerous literature that threatens the very fabric of our republic. (

Read more about this bullshit here ( and here (, which also provides email addresses, phone numbers and a petition you can sign to put a stop to this nonsense. You can follow the Twitter conversation using the #amazonfail hashtag here: And for good measure, here’s one more

If you’re looking for another online book retailer, I strongly support Portland, Oregon-based Powells.

Meanwhile, I’ll watch something on Netflix and will be withholding money from Amazon until its leaders decide to stop this campaign of ignorance. I just wanted to watch a movie, yall.

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