A Conversation on Reentry with Kamala Harris, Jakada Imani, Jessica Flintoft, and Lateefah Simon | Citizen Hope.

California has a recidivism rate of 70%, the highest rate in the nation. What are we doing to reduce this rate of recidivism? What are the costs of mass imprisonment to our society and to our communities? What are we doing for people when they are in prison/jail and when they are released? What are some of the innovative approaches to reentry and rehabilitation that are currently being implemented?

Please join us for a discussion on the critical issues of rehabilitation and reentry. We will be joined by some of California’s most outspoken leaders and advocates on this issue

This event is at UC Hastings in San Fran and is open to the public. There will be speakers from the Ella Baker Center, The Safe Communities Reentry Councy, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and the SF District Attorney.

If anyone can make it there, please report back on this post!

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