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These Republican leaders really are quite unintelligent.

Rick Perry wants to throw around nonsense like “there’s no need at this time to dissolve the union but…” You know what? Leave! Reactionary, white supremacists have been yelling this line to minorities forever: “If you don’t like this country, leave.” Time to flip the script. I’m happy with the way things are going. We’re restoring sanity to our economy and energy systems. We’re restoring our standing abroad. We have a president fluent in the national language. I love this country. The rest of these idiots talk a great game about how this country is falling apart under Obama and how they won’t stay, but I say don’t talk about it, be about it.

So listen up Georgia, Oklahoma, South Dakota and especially Texas. All yall can pack up your drought-ridden, urban sprawling, pig shit farming, meth-addicted territories and leave. Enough talk. Do it! Oklahoma and South Dakota are especially laughable since they receive $1.36 and $1.53, respectively, from the federal government for every dollar they spend in federal taxes ( You are a drain on my treasury, you freeloading nitwits. 

So be out. We’ll close all our military bases, border patrols, farm subsidies, communications infrastructure, free travel arrangements, and currency. If you’re lucky, we’ll use your land as a dedicated penal colony. Oh, and Alaska, you can be out too. If global warming doesn’t get you, maybe the volcano will. 

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