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Remember Damon Weaver.

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Congratulations are in order to Damon Weaver today. According to NBC News in Miami, the kid reporter – whose resume includes a famously viral Joe Biden interview, official credentials to cover the Presidential inauguration, and a segment from 20/20, in addition to tons of yeoman’s work done for his school’s news bureau – has landed himself a college scholarship. Not bad for a kid looking forward to the sixth grade!

According to the report:

Little Damon Weaver from Pahokee has gained national attention for his reporting exploits and now this junior journalist is getting a free ride to Albany State University.

The school will officially present Weaver with the scholarship at a June alumni convention in Miami. The fifth-grader said he plans on accepting the school’s offer.

Weaver says the scholarship “is a big relief to me and my family.” I can just imagine!

And yet, Weaver remains steadfast in his pursuit of an interview with President Barack Obama. To which I say, Mr. President – seriously – you need to get yourself on the ground floor with this kid, for real.

We must uplift our youth that are on the positive tip, especially if they’re doing it in something other than athletics.

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