Since I’m lactose intolerant myself, but I love milk and find ways to get around my lactose intolerance, I’m just curious.  I surf other blogs and I found this ad starting to float on some of them:

CyClone has something for every member of your family!

We’ve put the wonders of science to work, in order to create better, more reliable cows. And that means better foods for you.

Cyclone Dairy Milk Jugs

Delicious, nutritious, 100% from clones. Drink up!

Our Milk will be available in Pints, Quarts, and Half Gallon.
And for your health and taste preferences CyClone produces Skim, 2%, and Whole Milk.

I don’t know if I would like cloned shyt because while science says it’s a duplicate harmless version of the original, you can never tell what goes on in science, because science is a fluid thing.  When they cloned a sheep over in the UK fourteen years ago, I wondered at the time if scientists were going too far.  I don’t know – there was just such unease about messing with what is natural; what God created, you know?

Now I support science in terms of its usefulness – our modern world evolved primarily from scientific developments and advancements.  But cloning the sources of the food I eat?

I can honestly say I’m real leery about that shyt.  And here’s the first company that is advertising their product and admitting that their product is not coming from Elsie the Cow, but Elsie’s CLONE.

It should be your choice as to whether or not to eat food made from cloned animals; I’m not going to argue that.  But, as a matter of ethics, shouldn’t a person KNOW if and when they’re buying food made  from cloned animals?  The following is what really has me nervous:

Clone-produced milk can be sold without special labeling.

Get the hell out of here with that shyt.  I think there should be labels on food products made from cloned animals, but y’all know why the Government trying to pull a fast one, and the Bush Administration started it.  Relaxing all those regulations at FDA, Agriculture and HHS has led to the government trying to feed their citizenry God knows what, and pass it off as what’s best for us.

What say you, JJP Readers?  Would you consume food if you knew it came from cloned animals or would you like to have labels put on the food so you KNOW where it came from?

Science geeks are welcome to post, because I want some debate from scientific viewpoints.  Let’s get it started.

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