I’m trying to expand my range a bit and pay more attention to Latino bloggers. I’ll be sharing more of what I find here (hopefully). This post got my attention and is worth a full read.

There is always a touch of irony when a citizen of the United States complains about immigration. But now. As a Latino and a person of color, we no longer have to worry about those little things like, “driving while brown.” However, since the argument used against the undocumented by the nativists (Pat Buchanans, Lou Dobbs, et al) is that this is a Nation of Laws, well, two can play this game, bitches! Lets go through their arguments. According to nativists:

via » White Collar Criminals, The New “Illegals” – By ¡Para Justicia y Libertad!.

This post is just so on point. Great to see someone highlighting the contradictions.

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