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When Are White People Going To Stop Waiting For A Handout?
Sunday, March 22, 2009

A phrase you will hear every now and then is “when are blacks going to stop waiting for a handout?” I saw it in print last night while reading commentary by Roy Blount Jr. in the Oxford American , whose latest edition is dedicated to race (that means its only about black people in America) this month.

I chuckled a bit after reading that phrase – it wasn’t a half an hour earlier that I’d watched a news clip on The Larry King Show that featured a small group of protesters going from house to house in Connecticut to demonstrate in front of the mansions and estates of AIG executives.

If you’ve been watching the news, reading the newspaper (SUBSCRIBE NOW – THEY NEED THE MONEY), or surfing the web the last two weeks, you can probably understand why I was busy trying out that age-old phrase, one that is often uttered by those who feel that hundreds of years of racial discrimination should be bygones, with a substitution of my own.

When are these white men going to stop waiting for a handout?

The alliteration between “handout” and “bailout” does not escape me. Because that’s what it feels like right now – that there is absolutely no difference between the two.

The only people I see on my TV these days, arguing with Congress about how much they think they should make even though their businesses would closed by now without taxpayer assistance, or pouting to cable news analysts about the severity of their company’s situation, are white people. White men in particular. They all seem to be waiting for the government to do something to help them now that they are in trouble.

And I imagine we are about due now for another bombshell announcement in your local newspaper (THE MOST INFORMATION YOU CAN GET FOR THE MONEY) about yet another “paragon of investing virtue” whose financial chicanery will be unveiled as a total fraud. There have been several who have been uncovered in the last few months, including Allan Stanford, the “billionaire” from Texas whose tight lipped exhortations were prominently featured on CNBC on a regular basis. Haven’t seen one black face in the bunch.

This racial stereotype has gotten so bad that the CEO of Dominoes Pizza, in a commercial that skewers the whole bailout fiasco, is walking down what is supposed to be a New York City street amid a gang of Dominos delivery guys who are handing out boxes of pizza to everybody on the street when he pauses to snatch a box back from a pinstriped suited, grey haired, gruff looking white man.

Rest of article at link above.

This is nothing but WELFARE, but has anyone uttered that word?

Uh huh.

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