I’ll probably write more about this case in the days to come, but my initial impression is that it is an earthquake, completely eviscerating many of the drug industry’s efforts over the past several years to immunize itself against the law.  I take no small amount of glee in the thoughts offered by Drug and Device Law, a blog written by drug industry lawyers for drug industry lawyers: “Levine isn’t good news for our side by any means . . . .”

Above, Ian writes about a mammoth supreme court decision denying the claim made by “health care” companies that they can’t be held liable if their products kill people. Chalk one up for the good guys.

For too long, many corporations have grown and often inflicted harm on the public with absolutely zero accountability. They found sanctuary in a government that welcomed their exploitative habits and relished the opportunity to bestow the rights of personhood on these entities without the corresponding responsibility.

In short, this is a smackdown straight from the Constitution, and I hope its a sign of more to come. Yay.

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