We had this discussion Sunday, and Monday, but I just had another one with friends, and we were cracking up.

For those who don’t understand the title of this post, it refers to an article in the Wall Street Journal:

Inside the Peltway
With a new administration, fur is in fashion in Washington

WASHINGTON — Fashions here change with each administration. Ronald Reagan ushered in an affinity for dark blue Brooks Brothers suits, and during George W. Bush’s tenure, the town embraced cowboy boots.

With the Obama administration, fur is flying. Residents are sporting mink jackets, shaking the mothballs off their chinchilla coats and pulling sable stoles out of storage. Sales of fur are up, too, some Washington retailers say.

At the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, it’s “ridiculous” how much fur has been dropped off at recent black-tie events, says Mike Dean, a coat-check attendant.

Many designers showed fur on the runways for this season. Helping drive the style in D.C.: A number of administration appointees are from Chicago, which has long embraced fur to fight off the biting cold winter wind. Keith Kaplan, executive director of the trade group Fur Information Council of America, estimates that more people wear fur in Chicago on a regular basis than any other U.S. city. Chicago ranks second behind New York in retail fur sales.

Furs came out around the time of the inauguration, when subfreezing temperatures coincided with high-glamour events. They’ve stayed as nearly 6 inches of snow covered the White House Monday.

Also, the administration has attracted a lot of professional African-American talent to the D.C. area, and fur-industry officials say that black consumers are disproportionately big fur buyers. Their share of the market is up even as nationwide sales have declined. In 2006, the last year for which data are available, black consumers represented 27% of fur sales in the U.S., compared with 16.5% in 2002, according to the Fur Council, based in Los Angeles.

Rest of article at link above.

You get it. Let me translate: Who are all these Uppity Nigras, and where did they get the money for all this fur. And, we complain in the pages of the Wall Street Journal, because we know we can’t pull that PETA paintcan bull on them.

But, the best answer to PETA is found here at The P.O.S.H. Life:

Black People Love Furs: PETA Who?

Dear PETA:
How are things these days? Permit me to get straight to the point. You guys missed it and truly messed up. Now I am far from a snitch, but you guys missed hundreds of black people wearing fur coats. Where? Well at Obamanic, you would have noticed that Black people had an influx of fur coats. Despite the label of political incorrectness that some would assign to wearing fur, African-Americans have been buying them in greater numbers. It is worth noting that fur has a long tradition in black America, from entrepreneurial blacks who were pioneers in the fur trade to the splendor of the Harlem Renaissance, to its place in ostentatious blaxploitation movies like ‘Superfly’ and now in this Hip Hop era of new glamour. You see PETA, in the black community; furs, cars, and jewelry are a way for people to display wealth and success. As black people, we also have a cultural history of wearing animal skins in Africa. During those times fur represented decoration and status.

On a fiscal note, African-American women have been representing a larger volume of fur sales because of growing affluence in the community, and because of the effect of that whole urban look, for men, too. I don’t really have a strong stance for or against the brutal mutilation of animals in order to keep beautiful black women warm, but PETA you really missed out.

Now I am sure organizations like yours are not big fans of this increase, however in the spirit of brotherhood let me help you out with a few tips regarding Black women and furs. Black women are more prone to violence. I hate to say that, but yes it is true. You see Black women are very protective of the following four things: shoes, purses, hair, and furs.

If anyone mess with a Black woman over a fur I assure you they will take the beat down of their life, and not just by one black woman, but all of her girlfriends from both far and near (who will also be wearing their fur). Yes I know the world is messed up with double standards, while you can mess with Caucasian women and throw paint on their fur coat, there is no way a paint thrower can outrun a black woman should that ever would occur.

Well PETA, better luck next time.

All the best,

Gordon Gartrell


Hilarious and on point.

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