My colleague Rikyrah asked for someone to smack down self-hating Negro Academic Shelby Steele in a blog post.  Thanks to the Field Negro, he’s already done the work.  Peep this:

Of course, he argues, that as black people, we are misguided in our loyalties. Liberalism actually takes away our humanity, while with conservatism, on the other hand, we can maintain our dignity as humans, and not get caught up in victim hood and racial identity politics.

Once upon a time before the bigoted wing of the GOP (hint 95%) decided to show their asses, I might have considered what they were selling, but as you know, fish rots from the head down, and it smells like bullshyt.

Here is the smackdown, cause I refuse to reprint that tripe that Shelby posted in the New York RagTime’s OpEd piece:

Right there, Shelby, is the problem with your well written essay. You only saw yourself as a person of color in two ways: “A racial determination of segregation” and the subject of “white” liberal paternalism. You should have said no to both of those choices. It wasn’t one or the other. Both were destined to make you the man you became: Someone who chooses a selfish ideology which is predicated on chasing a carrot that you will never be able to grab. By embracing that ideology you have bought into the false premise that your people seek the liberal handout and are not willing to work as hard as the conservative to grab the carrot. It is not true. I submit to you that your people (and poor people of all colors) are willing to work harder. The problem is that their government has never been willing to work as hard for them. Instead, their government has worked only for a special few, and contrary to what you might believe, it didn’t neglect you, it used you to achieve its own goals. At least with liberalism, with all its faults, there was a realization that it should make you a promise, and that promise was that never again will you be subjected to second class status, and our government will always work to make it so. Our government will finally give you an even playing field to compete on, after tipping the field against you for so long. (Emphasis mine)

And maybe the GOP can’t win with minorities is because they’re too used to telling us to GET THE HELL OUT whenever we want to be included.

The GOP can’t win with Minorities because they are home-grown, inbred, bigots, and that disease is generational and TERMINAL as long as they want to hold on to it.

They can’t win with POC because look at how they treat the twos and fews that dare enter their group – Stepin Fetchit was treated better than Michael Steele was the day he got bitch-slapped by Rush Limbaugh, the current HEAD OF THE GOP.

Speaking of Rush, HE’S THE MAIN REASON why the GOP can’t with with POC.  HE’S YOUR LEADER.  YOU OWN HIM, AND WE WANT NO PART OF A BLOATED BIGOT WHO GOT OUT OF SERVING HIS COUNTRY IN VIETNAM BECAUSE HE HAD A BOIL ON HIS ASS. Rush raises hell on TV and radio because he knows damned well to come down to the ‘hood and talk that noise earns him a cap in his ass.

Dr. Steele, stop lying. Stop being disingenuous with this discussion because you know damned well why the GOP will NEVER, EVER win with POC, so quite trying to dress it up in academia because that only makes it look like a ‘ho at the Southern Cotillion trying to pass as a debutante at her coming out party when everyone knows that ‘ho has been around the block for years.

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