In honor of Steve Gilliard, who first posted this pic on his blog.  Far from looking like a skilled chess player, ya think?

The GOP can have this brotha.  Just get him out of our sights, please!

Crooks and Liars are reporting more buffoonery from the faux-head of the RNC, and he’s eerily channeling George Bush; to the point he’s offending John Amato:

And I’m a spiritual person so his belief in GOD is his own, but it’s just offensive when he uses the GOD word to talk about possibly running for President on the second clip. He repeats the word “ugly” again—to describe politics now, but it’s “ugly” to watch him speak like that. He knows its’ not an option for a man who already is being asked to quit the RNC job he just got. What an utter embarrassment this man is to the GOP, but I’m certainly entertained keeping an eye on a true master of Pawns and Knights.

But, get this, he and Limbaugh punked US with that lil’ spat that had him looking like Buffalo-ButtBoil on his ASS’ lil’ byotch.  It was all a ruse to fool us, so he could make that baaad-ass chess move:

He’s been fooling us all. When he called Limbaugh “ugly,” that was all a clever ruse to weed out his enemies. His apology to Rush was all part of the master plan. How ingenious. I myself like to open up a chess game using the Sicilian Defense, which starts with a e4 c5 move, but he’s using strategies never before seen in the history of chess. What a true master! Michael ‘Spassky’ Steele.

Do any of you believe MC Steal-Moe Bling was anything else other than outright punked by Limbaugh a few weeks ago?  You don’t apologize for calling a person on their bullshyt, and you certainly don’t apologize for telling the truth.

And, a lil’ off topic, but I think it will be a tie between MC Steal Moe Bling and the perennial House Negro/Slave Catcher, Juan Williams, as to who will officially become the Lawn Jockey for the GOP and open the floodgates to bigotry by officially dissing the POTUS and his family by calling them Niggers.  Juan, you live here in DC – and you are recognizable, because you are the ugliest mofo walking around in DC and think you have it going on like that.  Guess those white women you sexually harassed couldn’t really appreciate your talents, but did you have to ensure yourself a place on the Field Negro’s Lawn by dissing Michelle Obama and saying she looked like Stokely Carmichael or James Brown?  This Negro’s closet is NOT CLEAN:

In Washington, women reporters and editors at the Washington Post complained of sexual harassment by a Post columnist, Juan Williams, who wrote in defense of Thomas against Hill’s allegations.(16) The newspaper investigated and took disciplinary action against Williams.(17) (Emphasis mine)

This is one of those times when Mr. O could use an NOI brotha on his Secret Service detail, if for nothing else, to break out that can of Whip-ASS when they see this House Negro on Connecticut Avenue, cause he really is catching up to Unca Clarence in his self-hatred, the low-down, dirty MOFO.  I hope he takes MC Steal Moe Bling with him as they go on the road with their Stepin Fetchit  minstral act.  Jeez.

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