Remember that adorable, brave little girl sitting next to Michelle Obama during Barack’s first State of the Union address? She wrote in movingly, hauntingly to ask that her falling-down “school” provided by the state be brought up to code.

South Carolina Governor and professional racist Mark Sanford’s decision to turn down $500 million in education funds means that 7,500 teachers in SC will get laid off and schools like Ty’sheoma’s where classes have to stop several times a day when the train rolls by, shaking and rattling the school ain’t getting fixed anytime soon. Sanford is planning to turn down $700 million dollars of Recovery Act funding in all for reasons that just don’t make sense. Watch the video above from CNN covering the story. It’s one thing to make a political point. It’s another when the future of kids like Ty’sheoma — who deserve much more than they’ve gotten from SC so far — hangs in the balance. It’s not just their future at stake; education will make or break America’s ability to compete in the global marketplace. Why would Sanford shortchange his own citizens’ children for political purposes?

From ThinkProgress:

Pete Pillow, spokesman for the state’s education department told ThinkProgress yesterday that if Sanford’s decision holds up, “then we’re in a real world of hurt because of all the cuts that are going on. And it isn’t going to get any better. It’s not like the economy’s going to turn around in the next year. Not in this state anyway.”

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