I admit, when I first looked at this picture, I just took it superficially. I didn’t see the second girl, and when I did, I got choked up.


From Myth:

When I looked at the clip of her with the students yesterday, the reality really hit me that Michelle Obama knows who she is. She really feels obligated to use the power of her office and husbands election to uplift whole generations who never thought this would happen. She is a part of the greater community, particularly with her husband, but she makes no beans nor offers excuses about her real purpose which is to inspire AAs. I guess if she had just sat in the White House twiddling her thumbs like Laura or just presented herself as a “trophy” wife we would have accepted that because that’s all we have ever known. But she has made it her business to use the power of her office to INSPIRE. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Good Morning.

As you enjoy this weekend with family and friends, don’t forget JJP.

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