Something has gone wrong in Afghanistan. The Taliban are back, Osama bin Laden is as defiant, dangerous and sassy as ever and our armed forces have been sent into harm’s way with inadequate support.

From Robert Greenwald over at Brave New Films’ blog:

President Obama just committed 17,000 more soldiers to fight the war in Afghanistan. For me and the Brave New Foundation team, this decision raises scores of questions that must be addressed about troops, costs, overall mission, and exit strategy. Historically, it has been Congress’ duty to ask these questions in the form of oversight hearings that challenge policymakers, examine military spending, and educate the public. I invite you to sign the petition urging Senator John Kerry and Representative Howard Berman to hold congressional oversight hearings at once.

I think hearings are a good idea to uncover the Bush administration’s failures in Pakistan and Afghanistan so we don’t repeat them. Personally I’m in favor of more troops in Afghanistan however. The situation over there is increasingly serious and threatens the entire world: I shudder to think of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons in the hands of Taliban and Al Qaeda allies. This is a complex situation though and the video is worth a look to get better educated. Greenwald and his team as usual ask the questions that need answering.

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