Due to my need to watch my health and recover from the overwhelming experience of SXSW, I wasn’t able to get back out to the streets and knock on doors, but The Field has a nice post reminding us that the promise of the Obama campaign was a promise to change the people’s relationship with their government. I’m going to be searching for more stories, so please report back with anything you’ve heard from family and friends.

Across the fruited plain, folks are still going door-to-door today in the first round of Organizing for America’s pledge project to build public support for big budgetary investments in education, energy and health care.


Notable about Peter’s reflections is not a single mention of public outrage over AIG-related matters, as much as some who don’t seek out or directly listen to the public are ignorantly betting that the corporate media has found for them a magical “silver bullet” that will bring about a rebellion for such desk jockeys to imagine themselves as leading.

via The Field: Al Giordano Reports the United States.

That last point sounds about right. The best part of getting back to the streets is getting away from the often-disconnected echo chamber of the media and listening to what the people are actually saying. Man, I miss canvassing.

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