Above, peep the new video from the Democratic National Committee slapping Gov Mark Sanford (R-SC) upside the head. This is the same guy who is blocking federal aid to South Carolina from the stimulus package for political grandstanding — impacting jobs, schools and healthcare for folks in SC. I mean, what demographic is Mark Sanford targeting here — mouthbreathing, frightened Klan wannabees up in the hill country? Well, I’ve got news for him — those types generally don’t know where Zimbabwe is or who Mugabe be.

Fortunately Congressional Black Caucus member Jim Clyburn — and 3rd ranking Dem in the House — is on it (Politico) [Note, Sanford’s original words are bolded for emphasis]:

House Minority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) told me he thinks S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford’s quip comparing President Obama’s stimulus package to Zimbabwe’s economic policies are “beyond the pale” — and suggested they might carry a racial subtext.
“For him to compare the president of this country to Mugabe. … It’s just beyond the pale,” said Clyburn, who has sparred with Sanford over the Republican’s refusal to accept all the state’s stimulus funding.
Asked if his “beyond the pale” comment implied a racial overtone to Sanford’s remarks, Clyburn replied:
“I’m sure he would not say that, but how did he get to Zimbabwe? What took the man to Zimbabwe? Someone should ask him if that’s really the best comparison. … How can he compare this country’s situation to Zimbabwe?”
Sanford didn’t explicitly mention Mugabe -— among the most despotic and incompetent leader in Africa — when speaking with reporters in the Palmetto State on Wednesday. But he likened the stimulus, pushed by Obama administration and congressional Democrats, to the disastrous hyper-inflationary policies of Mugabe’s regime.
“What you’re doing is buying into the notion that if we just print some more money that we don’t have, send it to different states — we’ll create jobs,” Sanford said. “If that’s the case, why isn’t Zimbabwe a rich place?… Why isn’t Zimbabwe just an incredibly prosperous place. ‘Cause they’re printing money they don’t have and sending it around to their different — I don’t know the towns in Zimbabwe but that same logic is being applied there with little effect.”
Just another racist Republican trying to score political points at the expense of decency and human lives. Hasn’t the GOP figured out how tired and played, how last century the Southern Strategy is? It’s a dumb strategy given that SC gave Obama a big win during the 2008 primaries, SC is 30% black and had over 50% growth in its Hispanic population in 2005. Luckily for Sanford, we’re here to help. Help put a boot up that behind and a boot out of office come next election, that is.
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