This is the way a President should look…HARD AT WORK.

I can’t believe the so-called “political pundits” and ex-Bushites rearing their ugly heads and whining about how President Obama is trying “to do too much”.

Well, what the hell is “TOO MUCH”?

Is it trying to get the economy back on track after eight years of royal f*ck ups by the previous administration?

Or is it trying to reign in paying those banks and insurance companies who continue to feed at the government trough while bailing out their asses – and as they’re being bailed out, the jackasses in their employ responsible, get nice fat bonuses. Paid for with bailout money.

I don’t get it; I really don’t. Obama inherited this shyt – the ReThugs try to blame him for the shyt (like George Bush wasn’t no where on the scene for the past eight years) – then they want to holler he’s doing too MUCH.


Meanwhile, the GOP still shows us why they’re out of power and they don’t seem to get the fact that the American people are tired of their bullshyt games for political one-upmanship. People are joining the unemployment lines at record pace equal to losing their homes, and the NAACP has to file lawsuits on the banking industry for leading us down that merry path to home ownership that’s leaving more people homeless than it planned to do.

If trying to get universal healthcare passed;

if trying to right the economy;

if trying to get our children decent quality education

if trying to get the American people what they elected Mr. Obama to do is doing too much, I don’t know about these numbnuts, but I’d like to see him do more of IT.

The ReThugs aren’t happy unless 99% of the population suffers while their 1% friends are kept happy – but can’t seem to grasp that electing Rush Limbaugh as the defacto head of the GOP is not the way to go.

Having a few Democrats who still want to remain ReThug lite and hopes that no one will notice when they start to shiv the President on his policies, is not the way to go, either.

Yeah, that stimulus plan was doing “too much”, while the real economists are saying it’s not going to do ENOUGH.

This is not the time for partisan politics, but the ReThugs and a few spineless Democrats aren’t doing enough to help the President out – in fact, some of them actively want him to fail.

I’m on record about the President’s policies and the shytstorm that’s been created because he keeps nominating a few SOBs who didn’t pay their taxes and even got one of them nominated to oversee the shyt created while sitting on his ass at the Federal Reserve Board and not doing a damned thing when all of the banking shyt went down on his watch.

Politely asking the trough feeders to quit paying out bonuses while Wall Street tries to dig itself out from under the shytpile they’re under – hey, Timmy Geithner, way to go on showing some LEADERSHIP. Peep this:

AIG has said it must pay out the executive bonuses to meet a contractually obligated Sunday deadline, but the troubled insurance giant has agreed to administration requests to restrain future payments.

The Treasury Department determined that the government did not have the legal authority to block the current payments by the company — which are part of a larger total payout reportedly valued at $450 million. AIG declared earlier this month that it had suffered a loss of $61.7 billion for the fourth quarter of last year, the largest corporate loss in history.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has asked that the company scale back future bonus payments where legally possible, an administration official said Saturday.

What the hell?  Whaddya mean the government has no legal standing to block the pay out of bonuses for a company that’s reporting over six billion – BILLION, I tell ‘ya, DOLLARS in quarterly losses, but comes up with the cheddar to pay incompetent but greedy mofos for being, well, INCOMPETENT AND GREEDY?

Last I heard, it’s called “closing up shop because you’ve gone Belly Up and your cash flow gets Cut the Hell Off until you Account to the Federal Gubmint for how you did bidness in order to beg for Welfare.”  Back in teh good ol’ days, when your business went “belly-out” you put up a sign saying you’re “OUT OF BUSINESS”.  I knew passing legislation without no damned accountability or oversight was going to lead to this shyt, and every Representative and Senator who voted for that bailout legislation needs to be fired come 2010.

Geithner is one MoFo Obama needs to ask for his resignation in the next six months, if this is the way he’s going to act.

And what’s up with America boycotting the UN Conference on Racism? I want to know what AIPAC has on Congressional members as well as the Executive Branch to get the Government to boycott a conference they need to be front-and-center in attendance because of policies involving Israel?

I thought we were Israel’s allies – not their BITCH. What the hell is going on with that shyt?

Yeah, the POTUS, to some, might be doing “TOO MUCH”, but after eight years of a bastard that ruined this country so his greedy rat-bastard friends could get fat paid on our backs and at OUR expense, doing “TOO MUCH”, looks too much to me like “BEING COMPETENT.”

P. S. – Now that I’ve mentioned AIPAC, I would like to invite the readers to help me out with a little project.  I want to write a post on AIPAC, and their influence in U. S. Politics in recent years.  I will do my homework, but I can use your help.  Shoot me an email with links to any articles you think will help me adequately write such a comprehensive post, because I think AIPAC and their influence on U.S. Politics to the point of being detrimental, needs a full discussion and understanding of the issues.  Thanks in advance.

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