The entire review is really nice. Brendan makes special note of the order in which certain media organizations were called, what they asked and the significance.

From my perspective, the highlight came when a particularly irritating reporter got on Obama about why it took him a few days to respond to the AIG bonus situation. The president responded, “It took me a couple of days because I like to know what I’m talking about before i speak.” (unlike you, crappy reporter). Booyah!

Here’s Brendan’s closing summary. It’s worth reading the entire post though

Seeing the line of questioning in total gave a sense of just how much the administration has already taken on, and already accomplished. There are arguments to be made on either side of the aisle, to be sure, but there has been no attempt to back down from any of the issues, or to shut down any line of questioning. This, we can only hope, is what transparency looks like.

The president takes off to confer now with the rest of the world. This will be an ordeal, to be sure, as the rest of the G20 finally come face to face with the new leader of the free world. This latest media blitz by the White House seems to draw a curtain on the administration’s infancy. It is the end of the beginning. We know the problems we face, and we’ve got a man with the plan at the helm. As he said, the nation is not a speedboat, it is an ocean liner. We’re beginning to find out just what sort of navigator he is.

via 1.21 Jigga Whatts: Obama holds court.

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