During last night’s press conference, President Obama spoke about the need to reign in spending on defense contractors and procurement. It’s rare to hear a “wartime president” call for such a thing, at least in recent memory, and I hope the president is serious and committed to imposing constraints and sacrifices on those who profit from war.

His mention reminded me of an interview I did three years ago for my then-podcast, “The Front Porch Podcast.” The full show is just over 50 minutes, but the interview with “Steve” starts at about minute 25. This was my first direct encounter with someone involved in acquisitions for the military, and through his story, Steve was able to communicate not just the fact of wasteful spending but the how and even the why. 

I no longer do the podcast, but thanks to the Internet, you can still here this still-relevant exchange. Again, minute 25 is where we begin, though the entire show is pretty hot :)


Here’s the link to the original podcast posting which has some interesting comments from readers and listeners.

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