UPDATE: After the events of the previous weeks, I thought this post was worth re-publishing again.

I’m so sick and tired of the wingnuts itching to call either the POTUS, his wife, any of his Cabinet or staff members, or any other prominent African-Americans the N-Word.  As in “Nigger”.

For the Rush Limbaughs, Tammy Bruces,  Laura Ingrahams, Ann Coulters, Glenn Becks and Michael “Weiner” Savages, I have one suggestion for you.

JUST DO IT ALREADY.  You already know you will get roasted and toasted by your more politically correct bretheren in what used to be known as the 4th Estate, of which you sure as hell don’t do any gatekeeping.  If you did, you would be objective reporters and journalists in the true vein of Bernard Shaw, Edward R. Murrow, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, and the king of the TV News, Walter Cronkite.

You engage in every other invective concerning POCs – why not just pull a Paul Mooney and say “Nigger, Nigger, Nigger, Nigger, Nigger” until your teeth turn white?  What’s holding you back?  It’s not like you’ll get fired – ask your boy Don Imus about that, cause he’s called us Niggers and still has his radio show, while upstanding radio DJ’s like Tom Joyner, gets kicked off the airwaves in markets like Chicago, cause he keeps it real in educating his people, and telling them to “Ask The White Man.”

It’s not like you won’t be welcomed at the local Klan rally – hell, you will get hailed as a hero or heroine if you just drop the N-Word and get it over with.  They’ll hold ticker tape parades for your asses – you might get a book deal from Regenery Press, the publishing home for wingnuts and bigots.

There’s every benefit and accolade imaginable to you if you just DO IT.

So, why won’t you?

Could it be that if you do, it’s not that you’ll catch an ass-whipping on the street by the first Black, Latino, Asian or Native American that sees you, but that those individuals may actually work for your ass and get a dose of righteousness that tells them to walk off the job and tell you to kiss their ass?

Could it be that you really might get bum-rushed by angry POCs if you’re found in the wrong side of town where the po-po average response on a call is more than 15 minutes?

Could it be that deep down, you know it will make you feel no better to try to tear down the POTUS and his wife by calling them Niggers, but having to face the reality of calling that Nigger “MR. PRESIDENT” for the next four years, if not longer?

Or, could it be that you saw others try to do it, but failed at getting their point across?  I’ll  refresh your memory.

Senator Country Last in the Presidential Debates – “THAT ONE”.  Damn, he should have said “that Nigger” and saved us the grief that was his campaign.

His Running Mate, Caribou Barbie, with all her “you betchas” could easily sound like “you Niggers” if she doesn’t watch her mouth; in fact, Senator Country Last was probably praying she’d screw up that way so he could end his campaign the way you put a rabid dog out of his misery.

Then, there’s former Virginia Senator George Allen, who will forever be known for a YouTube Clip hurling a racial slur at an American-born college student with Middle Eastern ethnicity.  “Macaca” might as well as been “Nigger”; such was the glee from which it came from Senator Allen’s lips.

It is the reason Jim Webb now sits in the Senate.

And while Ross Perot fired the shot that killed his 1992 Presidential Campaign – standing in a room full of African-Americans and saying “You People”; let me tell you this:  the people in the room didn’t hear the word “people”; they heard the unspoken word of “Nigger” as in “You Niggers”.

Let us not forget Don Imus’ “Nappy Headed Hos” or his use of the word “Niggardly” which has a dictionary definition of being stingy or tight, but because the prefix of the word had N-i-g-g-a, in it, he went on quoting former DC Mayor Tony Williams for 15 minutes because Williams used the word in proper context, and Imus was using it to get away with actually saying “Nigger”.

Not to mention Limbaugh, Coulter, Ingraham, Savage and Beck have all used the word at some point on their shows or among like-minded bigots and just haven’t really been caught yet.  Buffalo-Butt Boil on His Ass actually played a song on his show called “Barack, the Magic Negro” and we ALL KNOW what he REALLY wanted TO SAY.

UPDATE: Glenn Beck already called the President a RACIST; then went after Van Jones when WE went after his sponsors via Color of Change. 

Then Chris Wallace whines to fellow pinhead Bill O’Reilly about how the POTUS  has been on every one else’s news station except the one that facilitates lies, innuendo and is anything but “fair or balanced” in their coverage of the President when he campaigned for the office.  I tell you what, Chris – while you call for that “waambulance” you might want to consider if I work for a television station that has advocated against the POTUS solely because he is an African-American; if my station has called the fist bump he and his wife shared a “terrorist fist-jab”; if my station keeps hollering about how the POTUS may not be American-born because he was born in Hawaii; if that station called the POTUS’ wife a “baby mama”, among the other insults…Guess what?

I wouldn’t come near Fox Noise, either.

Whew, after all that, are you sure you want to use the word now?  You might feel better for all of thirty seconds before the shyt hits the fan.  And it will blow over.  But we won’t forget you said it – in fact, it will ALWAYS be connected to you, and through you.

My father used to say, in dealing with racists, you had rattlesnakes and you had water moccasins (his analogy).  The rattlers were the ones who hollered “Nigger!” every time they saw your ass, so you weren’t surprised or upset by his bigoted ass.  In time, you learned how to tune him out, and avoid him in the road, because he rattles, which lets you know he’s planning to strike.

OTOH, the water moccasin, like the black mamba, is a sneaky SOB that gives no warning when it’s going to strike.  They lull you to a sense of safety…and, WHAM!, you’re snakebit and it just might kill you if you don’t get to a doc in time. IOW, you think someone’s not a bigot and then they drop that hammer on you – and you never knew what hit you.

Be like Nike; man up and JUST DO IT ALREADY.  But don’t go whining to Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson to rehab you unless you bring your checkbook.

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