It will be sad to say goodbye to this show (airs live 1pm ET Wed March 18). Here are the proposed topics, some of which we’ve already dealt with here at JJP

  • Why the GOP Can’t Win With Minorities. Shelby Steele Op ED.
  • Will the black community will rally behind Obama over this AIG situation because they want to see him succeed or will they throw him under the bus because the situation hits to close to home and their pocketbooks?
  • Also, we can discuss a new report out that job losses hit black men hardest. Some 8 percent of black men in the US have lost their jobs since November 2007, according to a recent study.
  • Members of, the nation’s largest online African American advocacy group, are scheduled to flood South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s office with phone calls today demanding that he accept the full amount of federal stimulus funds intended to buoy his struggling state’s economy.

Throw down in the comments with your own thoughts, and as usual, I’ll try to rep some of yours and well as mine.

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